Sunday 1 April 2018

Steampunk Sale!

Who else loves all things Steampunk?! I’ll admit I didn’t even know the name until about 7 years ago, but I was always drawn to all things Victorian, Science-Fiction-y, Gothic and beautiful-in-an-industrial-way! My boyfriend actually introduced me to the correct nomenclature, telling me he thought I would be into it. It turns out I already was, I just didn’t know the name. Since then I have really enjoyed creating jewelry and collages with Steampunky themes.
  Speaking of Steampunk jewelry, I am currently running a 30% off SALE on all my Steampunk brooches and hat pins in my Etsy shop, OriginalSinArt! So if you were thinking of getting one of these, now is the time. They make perfect gifts for yourself or loved ones, are great for costumes, cosplay, or just to add some Steampunk whimsy to any outfit!

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