Sunday 29 April 2018

Short Hair, Don’t Care!

I was inspired to create a “Short Hair, Don’t Care!” collage recently by a dear friend of mine who is going through chemo for breast cancer. She is facing it all with grace and courage, but it struck me that so often, most people just don’t know what to say in these situations, and instead of being there to support loved ones in their hour of need, they back away, because they don’t want to say or do the wrong thing.
Let them know that you are there for them! Why not show up at their house with prepped meals, because you know they don’t have the energy to cook right now, or you could pay for a spa day to treat them while they go through their ordeals. 

And why not something funny that will help them to smile? I think that there is a niche for sassy, badass gifts for people who are dealing with cancer, or any other debilitating disease. This collage could be a great gift for a loved one that is dealing with illness, but more importantly, you should give the gift of your friendship and love, so they know they are not alone.

"Short Hair, Don't Care" Collage by Original Sin Art, 2018

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