Monday 6 April 2020

An Introvert's Guide To Self Isolation #8

Happy Sunday my lovelies! How are you all coping? My Introvert’s Guide To Self Isolation tip of the day is to remind everyone to eat a varied diet, and still get some sunshine, as much as possible while our routines are so off kilter.

Yes, most of us are on lockdown and hibernation mode, and I know it is tempting to eat ALL the snacks, but try to get some balanced meals in there too. And even if you can’t go OUT out, hopefully you have a space where you can still absorb some Vitamin D from the sunlight. You can do that in your garden, or even sit next to an open window, (the UVB rays are blocked by most glass windows.) Shout out to my mum for reminding me about this!

Of course, I’m not recommending that anyone starts tanning just because they’re at home with nothing else to do, but 15-30 minutes exposure to sunlight, three times a week, is thought to be enough to absorb the Vitamin D we need through our skin. And we need Vitamin D to help our bodies absorb calcium, so it’s essential for maintaining strong bones.

I apologise if I’m sounding patronising. I was diagnosed with osteopenia when I was 30, my GI issues cause malabsorption, and the medication I’m on suppresses my appetite, so I need to think about these things! 

Note to self: remember to eat. 
P.S remember to eat HEALTHY food occasionally!

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