Friday 3 April 2020

An Introvert's Guide To Self Isolation #6

Today’s Introvert’s Guide To Self Isolation tip of the day is: Singing!

Singing has been proven to release endorphins, so is a natural anti depressant, as well as decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. Both great benefits for all of us right now!

Why not sing while you’re preparing dinner, or doing any other mundane task? I promise you it will be better with singing. I don’t care how well you sing, but it’s worth giving it a go. You could have a singalong with your family, an online karaoke session with friends, or your own personal operetta in the shower!

Personally, if I know the words to a song, then I’m singing, whether I realise it or not. If I don’t know the words then I’m humming or whistling! I will not be subjecting any of you to my voice, but I will let you in on an embarrassing story from my adolescence:
Many many years ago, I was in the shower, belting out Sweet Transvestite from The Rocky Horror Picture Show... and apparently a family friend dropped by. And heard the whole rendition. I definitely got some funny looks when I went downstairs, and I’m still mortified to think of it.

Tell me, do you love to sing? Do you love to sing even if your family hates it? Now is not the time to be shy, but let go and enjoy yourself. You might find you really like it, plus it has surprising benefits!

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