Sunday 29 March 2020

An Introvert's Guide To Self Isolation #5

Happy Sunday my lovelies! Today’s Introvert’s Guide To Self Isolation is about making regular everyday events fun! 

I couldn’t sleep last night so decided to dress up and watch a movie, and it was a blast! (This isn’t cabin fever, I haven’t been isolated that long, it’s just me!) I’m sure many of you with young kids have all sorts of costumes to match their favourite movies! And if you’re currently homeschooling, why not turn it into an activity with a worksheet or questions to answer at the end?

Instead of a regular lunch, you could have a picnic party on the floor or in the garden. Again, these are things you can still do if you DON’T have kids, just saying!

The point is, enjoy the little things. Take that long bubble bath with a glass of wine. Have a date night at home with candles and the “good” plates and glasses. And share your ideas with others so we can help each other out!

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