Saturday 16 February 2019

A Note On Valentine's Day.

Listen, Valentine's Day day isn’t just about tacky gifts and overpriced roses. Whether you are in a relationship or not, it's all about love! Share the love with yourself first, treat yourself to your favourite things, and why not spread a little extra joy wherever you go? Think of others who may be hurting, for whatever reason, and share some love with them. Try paying things forward and watch the smiles that light up people’s faces when they realise someone has noticed them.

On Valentine's Day, Brian and I went to a cheap and cheerful lunch at Cracker Barrel, and then went bowling together, (we went to a much fancier dinner in the evening.) and while at lunch, I noticed an older gentleman dining by himself. The whole restaurant was full of older couples, all dressed in their best pink and red clothes in honour of the day, and this guy looked sad and lonely. I paid for his meal anonymously, and just asked the server to tell him it was taken care of, and to say Happy Valentine's Day. As you can imagine, he looked confused, but his face lit up too. I hope I made his day, and that he in turn, might do something for someone else down the line. I am a great believer in karma, and paying things forward.

And, as a side note, please, never, ever, settle for anything less than you deserve. I have known far too many people put up with terrible relationships, because they think the important thing is just to be with someone - anyone - to validate their lives. It is better to be single than with someone who treats you badly. I was lucky enough to find my perfect partner, who is willing to embrace ALL of me, (including my penchant for crazy costumes!) but I had to cross an ocean, kiss a lot of frogs, and go to hell and back before I found him. It took me a very long time to realise that I deserved more. That I deserved someone who loves me, that isn’t cruel or abusive. Someone who supports me and challenges me to achieve more. That’s the kind of love we all deserve, so please, don’t ever settle.

We are all worth love! We are all amazing, beautiful, crazy, fabulously flawed humans that deserve to be happy. Be brave, seek your happiness, and do whatever makes your soul sing!