Saturday 9 March 2019

I am now selling at two new locations in Hampton Roads!

Oh my goodness, it has been an eventful week for me, art-wise! On Tuesday I was back up in Surry, VA to see the lovely Paige at her A Steampunked Life store, where I have been selling some of my mixed media pieces. I have been having a lot of luck there, and she took five more steampunk-themed pieces from me to sell. If you are ever in that area, I highly recommend you go to check it out, it is truly a hidden gem of epic proportions! You can find out more about A Steampunked Life HERE.

Then, on Thursday, I was hanging out with Dana, at her fabulous gallery/store, Quixotic Arts, in Norfolk, VA. I wish I had found her store when it first opened two years ago! It is full to the brim with all kinds of fantastical, Gothic, creepy, and eclectic art from many local and national artists. And she took 52 pieces from me to sell, including lots of mixed media pieces, jewelry, and bookmarks. I am thrilled beyond words that she likes my work so much. You can find out more about Quixotic Arts HERE.

And THEN, on Dana's recommendation, I popped over the street to visit Tom at The Village Mermaid, an awesome antiques and decor store. So now I am also selling some of my mermaid bookmarks there, which seems very fitting! You can find out more about The Village Mermaid HERE.  

Phew! As you can imagine, I am so, so happy to have the chance to sell more of my work in these local shops and galleries. It means the world to me that these successful, discerning, gallery owners like my work enough to want to sell it! And, since my last Flea Market event did not go well, (I only sold three items, which, after the cost of renting the space, plus transaction fees, were just barely over being a loss,) it was a huge boost to me. I still of course, have lots for sale in my Etsy Shop, and I will be having a big St Patrick's Day sale next weekend, so keep an eye out for special deals then!