Sunday 25 March 2018

The Story Behind My Logo!

I thought it was about time I tell you all the story behind my OriginalSinArt logo. (The one I use to sign my work, not the dragonfly that I use as my profile pic!)
Well, many years ago, back in England, I was at a pub quiz with my then boyfriend and a whole bunch of friends. Apparently my artistic streak was fighting to get out that night, and inbetween questions, I was doodling on beer mats. Until I ran out of beer mats. I was looking for something else to draw on, and my boyfriend just gave me his arm to shut me up. I drew this symbol on his wrist. I had been using it for many years as a kind of signature on my art work and letters, (remember snail mail??) it is a combination of my initials, SS, with devil horns and tail, and a halo, going along with the whole Original Sin theme.
Well, I doodled it in biro on my boyfriend’s wrist, and I thought it looked awesome there… so less than a week later, I went and got it tattooed on myself!
I still use it on all my paintings, drawings, letters, etc, and have recently started to use it on the packaging for my Etsy sales. I love it. To me, tattoos should be meaningful, and this one means even more to me now than it did when I first got it, 17 years ago. I know it is not the best tattoo ever, back when I got it, we had a choice of one tattoo shop in my home town, and I didn't know any better... But I still love it, and it makes me happy to see it every day.
Do you have any cool tattoo stories you'd like to share? M
essage me below! 

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