Wednesday 6 May 2020

An Introvert's Guide To Self Isolation #10

Hello my lovelies. It’s been a while since I posted an Introvert’s Guide To Self Isolation, and I actually forgot to post this one here a couple of weeks ago, although you may have seen the first video on my Instagram or Facebook feeds. The mask was the result of a recent poll I did, haha!

I’d like to talk about marking special occasions, even if you can’t be with the people you love to celebrate with in person. I have lived abroad for 15 years now, and find it especially difficult around my birthday, Christmas, and other special occasions, being so far away from home. Lately I have heard from so many people who are struggling because they can’t be with their loved ones right now. That’s even harder on special occasions, when all you want to do is celebrate with your friends and family. I empathise! But I feel we are extremely lucky to live in a time where technology can help to keep us close. Seriously, what would we do without the internet, without FaceTime, without WhatsApp, without Zoom?
Birthday costume changes! Because, why not??
Yes it is so hard being apart from all our loved ones, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun together! So for my birthday I dressed up in something pretty, (Actually, several somethings. There were costumes changes!) and drank, and listened to music, and shared all of that via my Facebook party. I think this is a great way to break the monotony of lockdown, and forget our troubles for a little while. I’m sure most of us are tired of being stuck at home by now, so use any excuse to dress up and make it a fun occasion! And share it with your friends! There is no reason you can’t have a remote cocktail party, or play games, or listen to music, or watch a movie together!

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