Thursday 28 May 2020

Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorials

Well, after many years, and many people asking me to do makeup tutorials, I have finally put two together. The first one is a very easy zombie look, using only four different eye shadows, eye liner, lip pencil and lip gloss. The second video is a sequel to the first, creating a "special effect" of protruding zombie eye sockets using just spirit gum, cotton balls and the same eye shadows as before. I filmed these about six weeks ago and, after much procrastinating, ending in a very rushed study of iMovie earlier today, I have finally published them. 

Please note, these are NOT in any way professional. These tutorials are real-time videos of me doing a makeup look with the tools I have to hand. I say Umm a lot. And ramble about past Halloweens and other looks I've done. Previously, when I have searched for ideas online for past makeup looks, I was often annoyed by the materials and tools that were used. Not everyone has liquid latex or an air brush in their makeup arsenal! I am unwilling to spend $$$$ on makeup, so I use what I already have. Apart from the Spirit Gum, you most likely have access to most if not all of these items already too, or can find them very cheaply. 

Well, here you go. I hope you enjoy. If people like these I might be brave enough to do more. After all, it's only 156 days until Halloween!

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